Saturday, April 19, 2008

Team Amina

", can you cool it with the flashes for a minute? I'm on the phone with my therapist. Thanks hun."

Amina has a TEAM of professionals that she see's every week:
- 1 physical therapist that comes to our house
- 1 physical therapist that we see at CHOP
- 1 physical therapist that she sees for aquatherapy
- 1 special instructor that comes to our house

All this is in addition to her neurologist, neurosurgeon, cardiologist, geneticist, pediatrician, Williams Syndrome specialist, and feeding team which consists of a nutritionist, occupational therapist, speech pathologist and nurse practitioner.

They are all very nice people, but some she likes more than others. By the end of the week I can imagine that she's tired of people picking with her, so sometimes she refuses to cooperate. Now, you may be wondering how a 1 year old baby can refuse to do something...I really can't explain it, you just have to see it to believe it.

Here's a few pictures of Amina with some of her "team"



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