Sunday, April 27, 2008

Behind The Scenes: Amina's Night at the Museum

AMEEN: Ginneh, do you realize Amina's only 1?!?! What were we thinking? How much did we end up spending?

GINNEH: I don't know...we may have gone just a BIT overboard...

AMEEN: Did we pay the mortgage?

GINNEH: I think so...

AMEEN: How about At&T?

GINNEH: Hmmm...not sure about that...but at least everyone we've ever met in our whole life is here, so if our cell phones get turned off we won't need to speak to anyone for a while. We'll just send them the blog and they can email us, no one will suspect a thing!

AMEEN: True, true. Guess that means we better pay Comcast so the internet doesn't get disconnected.

GINNEH: Oh, shoot, yeah. Darn...You think Comcast takes Babies R Us giftcards?


Mama Frog said...

OK...The Akbar's have changed the game on one year old birthday parties. I am not even gonna let my daughter turn one. She is going straight to two, one no longer exists. Seriously, what a beautiful party for a beautiful sweety. I am sure she will remember every minute. At least she will have 100 people to retell it to her, over and over again. PS> I have video of the happy birthday song but dont know how to send it. Do you want me to youtube it? Robin

Ginneh Akbar said...

THANK YOU!! Yes you can youtube it! It was great to see you!!