Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pronounced: Kee - Ar - Eee

We saw the neurosurgeon, Dr. Sutton today. He was supposed to be advising us on whether or not Amina should get the surgery to fix her Chiari Malformation. Basically he said that she does have a lot of issues, and surgery would probably help, but we can never be sure, but if it was his kid he'd probably do it.

WTF? Dude this is BRAIN SURGERY?!? You're going to have to give me something a little more concrete then it would "probably help" before I let you cut my kids head open. I guess you WOULD go ahead and do it if it were your ARE a BRAIN SURGEON after all. Who better than to perform a brain operation than a neurosurgeon that just happens to be your dad?

I really try to be thankful that we live in Philadelphia and have access to CHOP doctors (that's Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for all you out-of-towners) and optomistic about all the treatments that are available to us but sometimes I'm feel like if I see one more doctor I'm going to lose it.

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