Wednesday, August 20, 2008

If by 'great' you mean she has a rare genetic disorder, has therapy 4 times a week & eats nothing but mashed potatoes, then yeah, she's TERRIFIC.

"If they ask about me, just tell them I'm CUTE that's all they need to know."

People I haven't seen or talked to in a while always ask, "So how's the baby?" I usually respond by saying, "Oh she's doing great!" Which she is most of the time, but in my head I'm thinking, now do they really want to know, or is "how's the baby" just something you automatically say to a new mom? It's like when you ask people, "how are you?" We kinda expect them to say fine, and if they go into a whole rant complaining about how their bunions are killing them, we're looking at our watch like, um yeah TMI.

Sooooo...depending on WHO asks and WHAT they ask, I guess that determines how much info I provide. Because she's getting bigger now, people are asking all the time if she is walking. When I say no, there's kind of an awkward pause, and at that point I feel obligated to explain that she has some medical conditions and she's a little delayed, etc. Generally, most people mean no harm, they genuinely do want to know how she is doing, but no one EVER expects that the answers to the questions they ask are going to be negative. So when I say "no" she's not walking or "no" she's not eating well or "no" she's not really talking they don't really know what to say.

It gets frustrating sometimes because on one hand I feel I have to defend Amina but on the other hand, I get tired of explaining myself all the time, so sometimes its easier to just say "she's great!" Which is true anyway because she really is great!

On a brighter note, Amina is crawling now, she's all over the place! Crawling and cruising and getting into things. Of course my house is NOT childproof and I have no excuse because I've even had more time than most parents since Amina has been a late bloomer. So that's what I'll be working on for the next week.

"So let me get this straight mom, you mean I'm NOT supposed to touch the things on the coffee table?"


Amy said...

I think we are living parallel lives, I used to say the same thing to people while thinking the same thing you do!!

Penny said...

That's funny...I never felt the need to defend my answers when I told people "no" to those questions about walking, talking, etc. Your right, she is great and terrific!

Anonymous said...

The "How is your child" question more times than not is really an automated question. I find myself giving the simply stated "great" and moving along but, of course for those that i know really want to know i run at the mouth!!! And yesterday he said this and he did And oh my god he thinks he can.....!!!
From the outside I always knew their was a 'mom' club. but now that I'm in it, i'm always talking to other moms and asking questions and listening to their stories. lol. And usually they're ones that really want to know How your baby is *really* doing.