Monday, May 19, 2008

Do Those Come in Fuschia?

At the recommendation of her physical therapists, Amina got fitted for her Sure Steps today. Sure Steps are little leg and ankle braces that will help improve the coordination and balance of children with low muscle tone, like Amina.

The guy that measured her said next week he'd give me a schedule of how long she should wear them everyday. I told him I didn't really think they would go with all her open-toed summer shoes but I would incorporate them into her summer collection as best I could.


Gina said...

Hey Ginneh!
Gianna wears hers all day without a complaint. I think the key is starting them early. It's just part of the "getting dressed" routine for her. They really give her so much support and I am sure they will do the same for Amina. The only problem is the shoes she wears have to be 2 sizes too big and they are difficult to fit over the more stylish shoes. Gianna does get to wear her fun Crocs and sandals occasionally so it's not too bad.

Thembi said...

Orthopedic Shoe Kids STAND UP!

I guess that's not the best phrase to use but we always get a bad rap! Mine were nowhere NEAR as cute as Amina's are...

Amy said...

Avery had sure steps too!!!! But they didn't seem to "work" for her and we quit after about 2 months. Here's came in pink plaid!!!
good luck with that.