Saturday, June 14, 2008

Amina Endorses Sure Steps

When Amina first got her Sure Steps I was doubtful. When Abby, her PT put them on her and pulled that strap tight, Amina yelped so loud I was convinced that after a few weeks of wearing those things, my daughter would be well on her way to having lotus feet that would make any Chinese aristocrat jade with envy.

I am pleased to announce now, however that after a few days, Amina was used to them, they aren't too tight and they actually do a remarkable job improving her pronation and stabilizing her balance. Within a week she was more comfortable pulling herself up, crusing and even standing on her own for a few seconds. We are crossing our fingers, but it looks like she may be walking within the next month or so!

Oh, and they don't come in fuschia, but they do have cute little pink and purple flowers on them and we've been successful in making them work with her summer ensembles. :)

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